Cocolate Doom Fuzz

A demonstration of different ways Doom fuzz styles can work, highlighting its refraction effect. (F5 toggles the effect.)

Requirements: Windows 7 or above.
Download + Source (chocolate-doom-fuzz.7z, 2.55 MB)

Bot CFG Builder

A tool designed for ZDoom's ZCajun bots; feed it a text file filled with names and it will output a list of bots, complete with colours and skill attributes.
Comes with a text file with a list of names already, so you can run it as is.

Requirements: .NET 4.0 on Windows. Untested in a Linux environment (although it should work).
Download (BotCFGBuilder.7z, 5.3 KB) | Source (BotCFGBuilder-src.7z, 6.8 KB)